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The Zoots Baseball Team are a group of elite high school players, from Northern California and will be competing at the highest level in summer baseball.  Many of the Zoots competing this summer already have  Division-1 college scholarship offers and verbal commitments to top baseball schools around the country.  The Zoots take great pride in having a squad who competes at the highest level, but plays the game with respect.  We search for the right fit for each player if he chooses to continue to play past his high school years.

I started this program to travel in a regional area to play the highest competition we can find.  The goal was to find high character kids with solid skills on the field who are wanting to pair that with learning the mental side of the game.  With that we had 2 pieces of the 3 piece puzzle.  The 3rd being parents who are like minded and are willing to trust the coaches to achieve this.  In doing this my goal was to create an atmosphere unlike any other team.  An atmosphere to help the kids grow to limits they did not think possible on the field, but later on in life as well.  

The Zoots is a small program because we want to focus on each and every player and help them reach their goals.  As the founder of the Zoots, I wanted to make a club different than the "big box" clubs.  I wanted the opportunity to see and get to know each and every player in the club and help them become the best player at the highest level that they can be.  To get to know parents and families to be able to answer and help with the difficult questions and issues of high school baseball and beyond.  We look at what is best for the kids not our pocketbooks.  We do not send our kids to unnecessary events that run up the cost for families or can put kids in situations where they may get injured by overuse.  

The landscape of high school summer/travel baseball can be tumultuous with many peaks, valleys, twists and turns.  The Zoots try and make that landscape as smooth as possible, by working to get the best players, surround them with coaches who want to teach and value and respect the game.  Coaches who are in it for one reason to pass along the knowledge and joy of baseball to the next generation.  Coaches who believe they are not bigger than the game or that feel they have control over the players future.  Our coaches are dedicated to the players plain and simple.  We want our players to be dedicated to each other and a respect for the game.  

We may not be the most advertised, or the flashiest program out there.  I do believe though we are the most invested in every kid.  Instead of creating ideas to make money, we are busy creating ways for each player to use baseball as a vehicle to open doors for their future.  For each player to take their ability as far as it can go and to be proud of that.  Bottom line The Zoots Baseball Club will always be about what is best for each and every player we have and each player who has run out of that dugout to lock horns with the best clubs around, current and past.  

As the years go by we hope that these teams and what has been taught to them on the field about baseball and life will push them to become highly functioning adults that will be leaders and helpers in their communities.  Hopefully they reach their highest potential on the baseball diamond and in life.  



The Zoots Baseball Club finished 9-0 to win the USA Baseball West National Championships.  96 of the top teams from Texas to Hawaii participated in the event.  The Zoots entire squad came up with clutch performances throughout the tournament to pull off the championship.


Our program had our inaugural graduating class in 2012.  We had just one team for 6 years not wanting to get bigger and just do the best we can with our guys. get to know them and their families, play as a team and teach them lessons in life through the game while learning how to play the game with respect and toughness and grit.  We try!  After 6 seasons we grew to 2 teams.  Our coaches and players have worked hard to achieve a goal.  So with that being said we have now had 11 graduating classes 2012-2022.  Of those 11 graduating classes and many kids were on the team 2-3 years so there was not a lot of turnover. we have been lucky enough to coach and be a part of ...

142 young men go play baseball and get an education in college


33 of those players were drafted or offered a professional contract by a Major League Baseball Organization. 

5 of these guys ended up being drafted in the 1st Round

As coaches we are humbled and blessed to have had the opportunity to try and help these players reach some of their dreams and goals.



Make up/ call back tryout for Zoots summer will be January 14 at Clayton Valley Charter High School.   Register on line with this link and a week before tryouts a tryout schedule will be emailed to the email you register with.  Spots are limited!